Tribute to Jim

Jim and Janice’s Story.

Where do I start to explain our story, it seems like I have known Jim forever (although I didn’t know him when he was an altar boy!) and trying to place all the dates and memories is so difficult, because to me, Jim has always been a huge part of my life and of who I am.

It all began when we met in 1988 at a company called JBJ Chairs in Lancashire, when he once had the privilege of calling himself  ‘MY’ BOSS. Not for long mind you, as Jim had always dreamt of having his own business. He was so enthusiastic, passionate and inspiring, that after some persuasion, I began to have the same dream.

Together In 1989 Jim’s baby was born – Cheshire Pine Company.

I am not joking when I say we worked over 20 hours a day, 7 days a week for the first 5 years. 

After a lot of hard work, dedication and many hours we are still here 33 years later. Although it is hard for us to admit, we ARE very proud of what Cheshire Pine has become and how we are now manufacturers of our own furniture and our own designs. I stand here today without any regrets that I joined Jim in his life and in his dream.

We are a family at Cheshire Pine and there was not a day went by that Jim and myself did not appreciate everyone who has joined us on our journey.

You could always rely on Jim to get 25 pieces of furniture on to a van that could only fit 20. If it didn’t fit, then he’d have the van unloaded and reloaded and continue with this until it did. He would never let any of our customers down, even if it meant going out with a hall cupboard on his car roof rack or working until late in to the evening. (I won many a bet with the lads guessing his arrival home time).

You’d always know where to find Jim – in the week he’d be either in the office on HIS chair looking over my shoulder, or out delivering to our customers, the weekends in the workshop - making bespoke pieces of furniture, or being forced by me to build props, bars and random bits for my garden.

After work, he’d be in the Town Crier pub in Chester enjoying a pint with his mates or if he was at home he’d be reading one of his many books (the library has nothing on Jim’s collection!), catching up on the news and world affairs or he’d be doing one of his wonderful drawings that are true masterpieces.

Jim was my life, my whole world, personally, and in work. I adored the ground he walked on. He was MY number one, but I also know I WAS HIS. We would laugh through life and even through our struggles, we were a solid team that could never be broken.

He had a twinkle in his eye and a constant smile which was infectious, lovely, mischievous and was nearly always on his face.

He knew how to calm me down and most importantly he listened. Anyone who knows Jim will know what an incredible, calm, kind, gentle, caring, reliable, charming, wise and dependable man he was and just how lucky ARE WE ALL to have known him, and to have him in our lives? Jim was such a generous person, he would help anyone if he could, nothing was ever too much trouble. He was always compassionate and never had a bad word to say about anybody. We must never forget what a funny man he was, who’s quick wit and banter kept everyone on their toes. 

My sister Angela summed him up perfectly by saying    

“in some ways Jim was invisible even though he was always there – like the air that we breath. You don’t notice it, but you need it”.

We are the luckiest Jim, as we had each other, you are my best friend, my number one. sole mates and we had a bond that nobody could break.

And this is where I am supposed to say goodbye to Jim, but I’ve decided there will be no goodbye, just a simple ‘I’ll see you soon’ or in your words “I’ll see you in the near future”, because you will be with me, watching over me, looking out for me, keeping me safe, as you always have, I know that. I will carry you with me and endeavour to keep my promises to you.

Cheshire Pine will continue where you left it Jim and we WILL do you proud.



In Memory of our Legend

James McCann 16/09/1957 - 02/09/2022