Solid Pine Timber

All our handmade furniture is made from solid pine timber and this natural material does expand and contrast in different temperatures. Wood is hygroscopic, which means its MC will fluctuate based on the relative humidity (RH) of the surrounding air.

As humidity increases, the MC increases, and the wood expands, and as the humidity decreases, MC decreases, and the wood shrinks. Unfortunately this can not be stopped on a natural material.

If this has happened on your painted item it is an easy fix as the actual build is not effected. We will send you out a FREE small bottle of the touch up paint to use to cover any areas that have moved for the reasons above. PLEASE JUST send us an email and we can organise this

You can also order the touch up paint kit here.. 


Product Dimensions


Due to the hand made nature of many of our products, there is the potential for small variations against the quoted dimensions. Therefore, if exact dimensions are required, or if size is a critical element in your purchase, please contact us prior to placing your order or at the time of ordering and let us know.

How We Manufacture
All our furniture is made using solid timber - no MDF, plywood or man made boards are used, even when painted.

We use a Kreg® Pocket-Hole Machine to construct cabinets furniture, bookshelves, tables etc with multiple joints in a professional way. It drills a pilot hole and counterbore at a 15-degree angle into the timber without the use of glue, nails and screws on the outside what can be on view, look very unsightly and not as strong. It enables us to construct furniture from the inside instead of the outside.

Our time served cabinet makers have used this for many many years in our manufacturing and it gives the best strength and most stable construction out there. These pilot holes are visible on the inside side edge.