Are here to answer your TELEPHONE queries:

Monday - Friday: 10am – 4pm 

We are here busy building your orders.

We are accepting ALL NEW ORDERS ONLINE and by;
telephone: 01244 883120
Remember!! you do not have to pay when you order, but we do ask for any outstanding balances to be paid just 5 working days BEFORE your delivery
If you would like to visit our WORKSHOP to see us building our items we can arrange this for you.
This is by request only as we continue to keep our manufacturing team and the workplace safe. 
We are unable to stock a SHOWROOM with our handmade furniture during this busy time as we continue to focus and prioritise building our customer orders .
This is to try and keep within the lead times that we have quoted to our existing and to our new customers that have placed orders, and that are being placed, with Cheshire Pine
Unfortunately we cannot build additional items for display purposes or to sell from stock at the moment.
Our SHOWROOM HAS BEEN MADE IN TO ADDITIONAL MANUFACTURING SPACE. We are still HERE busy building your orders and accepting NEW ORDERS. 
You can VISIT our WORKSHOP Monday - FRIDAY 10am - 4pm
Please make an appointment first.


We will open our showroom again as soon as we are able to
re-stock it with our handmade furniture. 
Many thanks for your understanding.
All at Cheshire Pine