Style Options

Style and Customisation Options for your new Furniture

As manufacturers of high quality solid wood furniture, we are able to offer a number of options to customise the look and style - from altering the appearance of doors and drawers, through to transforming items with a professional paint finish, this guide shows some of the alternatives avavilable. If you have an idea, but can't see it shown here, or would like to discuss any of these options please contact us.

The product pages show the standard design for each item. The options shown below can then be used to tailor the design to your taste or requirements.

All our furniture is made using solid timber - no MDF, plywood or man made boards are used, even when painted. We use a Kreg® Pocket-Hole Machine to construct cabinets furniture, bookshelves, tables etc with multiple joints in a professional way. It drills a pilot hole and counterbore at a 15-degree angle into the timber without the use of glue, nails and screws on the outside what can be on view and look very unsightly. It enables the manufacturer to construct furniture from the inside instead of the outside. We have used this for many many years in our manufacturing and it gives the best and most stable construction out there. Thses pilot holes are visible on the inside side edge.


The options shown below apply to items which feature doors, including wardrobes, dressers and bookcases with doors. The 'Raised and Fielded' style is considered to be the more traditional style, while the flat panel 'Shaker' style lends a more contemporary feel. The doors shown here are single panel doors, where taller items such as wardrobes may have two panels.

Raised and Fielded Door Panel
Flat Door Panel
Raised and Fielded Door Panel - Painted
Flat Door Panel - Painted

Drawer styles available include:

Raised Panel Drawer
Flat Panel Drawer
Raised Panel Drawer - Painted
Flat Panel Drawer - Painted

The choice of top to go on your piece is usually closely linked to the choice of door and drawer style. For example, a corniced top would usually be paired with a Raised and Fielded door panel and drawers, and a square top would normally be used with shaker style or flat panel doors and drawers. A corniced top would normally only be put on furniture which is over 5' (approximately 1.5m) in height.

Flat Profiled Top
Flat Square Top
Corniced Top - Painted
Flat Profiled Top - Painted
Flat Square Top - Painted

Frieze Styles

A Frieze is the small panel applied to bookcases and open top dressers, just below the top and stretching from one side to the other. For suitable items, we offer two frieze styles.

Arched Frieze
Straight Frieze
Arched Frieze - Painted

Straight Frieze - Painted

Plinth Styles

The Plinth is the part of the furniture which touches the floor. For some items we are also able to offer a footed style which is shown below.

Profiled Plinth
Square Plinth

Profiled Plinth - Painted
Square Plinth - Painted


What do all these options really look like on a finished piece of furniture? Well, the examples below are of items we have created which feature some of the available alternatives.