Our Paint Colours and Our Painted Samples

All our handmade furniture is available in the 11 x STANDARD PAINT COLOURS or the 3 x WOOD FINISHES that are shown below. If you find an item and it is not listed in one of these STANDARD PAINT colours below please just select a paint colour that is listed and then add a note in the special instructions of which colour you would like. Please be aware that our Dark Coloured Paints do cost a little extra. 

TO ORDER any of our STANDARD COLOURS on a small wooden painted SAMPLE please click HERE

The colours depicted below and on our furniture website listings are for guidance only. The displayed colour will depend on your monitor, phone screen, tablet and browser. The photographs on our website have obviously been taken in different lighting conditions and surroundings. 

The finished colour, therefore, may not be as you are veiwing it on your devise and for most accurate colours we can POST OUT our small wooden samples by Royal Mail: 

Please click here - to request the colours and fill out the form. Please REMEMBER to INCLUDE your NAME, FULL ADDRESS, POSTCODE and the colours that you would like to see so that we can post these wooden samples out by Royal Mail.

Our Standard Wood Finishes are:

RAW WOOD (for DIY Finishing)

Light Wax

 Honey Wax

Standard Paint Colours:
We do stock a number of paints in the following colours -
LIGHT COLOUR SHADES: 'White', 'Off White', 'Cream', 'Elephants Breath', 'Dovetale', 'Worsted'
DARK COLOUR SHADES: 'Downpipe', 'Railings', 'Stiffkey Blue', 'Hague Blue', 'Green #21'.
We can send out a small wooden painted sample of these colours if you would like to see any of the actual colours and sheen finish rather than in a screen. 

All our handmade furniture is available in the paint colours that are shown above. If you find an item and it is not listed in one of these colours above just select a paint colour that is listed and please add a note in the special instructions of which colour you would like. DARK COLOURS do cost a little extra so please add a dark colour to get the correct price..



Off White



'Elephants Breath'








'Stiffkey Blue'


'Hague Blue'


'Green #21'

We have now also introduced some NEW COLOURS

2 x Yellow shades AND 1 x Green Shade. If you would like any of these NEW 3 colours please SELECT COLOUR MATCH MIX in the drop down buttons and add either: YELLOW #1 (INDIA) or YELLOW #2 (BABOUCHE) or GREEN #16, GREEN #1 as the colour in the SPECIAL INSTUCTIONS box

YELLOW #1 (India)           YELLOW #2 (Babouche)         GREEN #16


        GREEN #1


If you are wanting to use the manufacturer’s actual paint that you have purchased from a DIY store and used around your home i.e Little Green, Farrow and Ball, Dulux etc, then we also do have the option of supplying our furniture in the RAW WOOD (NO finish) for you to paint at home yourself. This will then enable you to use the paint and the colour that you have already seen. We do NOT use or purchase the paint from the specific manufacturer 


For an additional cost our paint supplier can MIX a SPRAY APPLIED version of most colours in a MATT finish similar to an EGGSHELL..  Please remember this is JUST THE COLOUR that we are creating . There may be a slight variation in colour and shade due to manufacturers processing of the paint formula. If it is NOT crucial that this is an exact match then the colour match service is for you. Our paint supplier is only able to use the manufacturers colour chart along with name or by RAL number to achieve the colour. They will not accept a sample pot of your paint or an item with the colour on. 
Unfortunately we do NOT use or purchase the paint from the specific manufacturer for custom colours as this does not give as good a finish as our 2 part paint and lacquer mix which is designed to be sprayed. These manufacturers paints are designed to be brushed or applied with a roller. Our paint is a 2 part paint and lacquer mix
We also do not have small wooden painted samples of these 'special' colour requests as they will be mixed especially for you for your order. The supplier will not mix up a sample pot for us… If you do opt for our colour match mix we unfortunately are unable to replace the item if the colour is not what you was expecting. Cheshire Pine will not know what the colour is meant to look like.



We supply all our furniture with WOODEN KNOBS as standard but we can fit your own handles on to your cupboard here at our workshop before delivery. We just ask that you to send them to us with a note of your NAME and ORDER NUMBER to the address below.  You will get an email from me asking you to send your handles if we have not already had them at the time that the machining starts. We do not drill any holes for handles until further down the manufacturing line (once it is constructed and prior to painting they are drilled and fitted, they are then removed and then put back on once painted ready for delivery). If you do send them sooner rather than later this is also not a problem as I have a storage area for customers own handles that are all labelled up. Bar handles are not a problem either. We will just need your handles to do the drilling and fitting when the time arises. 

Unfortunately this can not be done by our driver on your delivery day in your home, but you can fit your handles yourselves once the delivery has been made if you prefer.

The vertical door rails where the handles are fitted on our cupboards are 65 mm wide.
Round Knobs: 30 mm - 45 mm
Bar Handles: Any

Please send your handles to:
Cheshire Pine
Sealand Farm
Sealand Road

All our furniture is made using solid timber - no MDF, plywood or man made boards are used, even when painted. We use a Kreg® Pocket-Hole Machine to construct cabinet furniture, bookshelves, tables etc with multiple joints in a professional way. It drills a pilot hole and counterbore at a 15-degree angle into the timber without the use of glue, nails and screws on the outside what can be on view, look very unsightly and not very strong. It enables us to construct furniture from the inside instead of the outside. Our time served cabinet makers have used this for many many years and it gives the best strength and most stable construction out there. These pilot holes are visible on the inside side edge.


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