Colours and Samples

We can send you our small wooden samples of our standard colours:

Please click here - to request the colours and fill out the form with your NAME, FULL ADDRESS and POSTCODE. 

Our Standard Wood Finishes are:

RAW WOOD (for DIY Finishing)

Light Wax

 Honey Wax

Standard Paint Colours:
We do stock a number of paint colours - White, Off White, Cream, 'Elephants Breath', 'Dovetale', 'Downpipe', 'Stiffkey Blue', 'Green #21'. We can also send out samples of these colours if you would like to see any on a small piece of wood.



Off White



'Elephants Breath'






'Stiffkey Blue'


'Green #21'

None Listed Paint Colours - COLOUR MATCH MIX
Our paint supplier can MIX a SPRAY APPLIED version of most colours in a MATT finish similar to an EGGSHELL.. There may be a slight variation in colour and shade due to manufacturers processing of the paint formula. 
Unfortunately we no longer use or purchase the paint from the specific manufacturer as this does not give as good a finish as our 2 part paint and lacquer mix which is designed to be sprayed. These manufacturers paints are designed to be brushed or applied with a roller. We also do not have samples of these 'special' colour requests as they will be mixed especially for you for your order.
Manufacturer’s actual paint
If you are wanting to use the manufacturer’s actual paint that you have purchased from a DIY store and used around your home i.e Little Green, Farrow and Ball, Dulux etc, then we also do have the option of supplying our furniture in the RAW WOOD (NO finish) for you to paint at home yourself.



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